Benefits of the Groundies Universe Barefoot Shoe

If you are looking for barefoot shoes that don’t compromise on style or toe freedom, you have come to the right place. The Groundies Universe model is an example of how barefoot shoes can be made stylish and fashionable without making any compromises on comfort or foot health.

It features the typical GROUNDIES(r) barefoot sole that is only 6.3 mm thin, light and super flexible. Moreover, it offers an incredible barefoot feeling.


Groundies barefoot shoes provide your feet with the perfect platform for a natural, comfortable walk. The thin and flexible sole ensures a healthy walking feeling, while the soft interior lining keeps your feet warm even on cold days.

Besides barefoot shoes, Groundies also offer regular fit models with a tapered toe box. These work well for people who don’t want to commit to a foot-shaped shoe, but might be willing to try an in-between option.

Groundies’ original sole (formerly called TrueSense) is extremely responsive, grippy, and flexible. They also have a thicker sole that’s meant to be more rugged for hiking and cold weather, but is still quite flexible. They’re all anatomically designed, and come with four different outsoles: GO1, GS1, GX1 and GX2. This makes it easier for you to find the right model that’s a good fit for you! All of these soles are made from high quality materials that will not irritate your feet.


Designed with durability and strength in mind, groundies are built to last and will outlast the average footwear enthusiast. For instance, they use a durable canvas upper and microfiber lining in the toe-box and heel, which makes them lightweight as well as waterproof. The most impressive feat is a solid rubber sole that provides the best grip in wet conditions. There are even a few models that feature a patented “wobble reducing” technology. The best part is that they’re a whole lot less expensive than their leather counterparts, which is great news for shoe shoppers on a budget.


Barefoot walking is a beautiful thing and it’s also an excellent health choice. Groundies barefoot shoes offer a wide variety of style and design options that allow you to look your best and feel comfortable at the same time.

There are a lot of great styles and designs to choose from, ranging from casual sneakers and sandals to dressier models that can be worn in the office or on special occasions. They are especially popular with women, who can look stylish while experiencing the benefits of barefoot walking.

They have a range of different outsole types, including their original GO1 sole which is extremely responsive, grippy, flexible, and soft. They also have a GS1 which gives the appearance of a traditional thick sole, but it’s actually quite thin.

They are also available in a’regular fit’, which features a more traditional tapered toe box – but it’s not as grippy or flexible as the barefoot version. However, they still offer the same barefoot experience and are still my favourite barefoot shoe brand.


When it comes to eco-friendly and sustainable shoes, there aren’t many that can compete with groundies. The most notable feature of this shoe is its lightweight aluminum midsole which translates to a hefty savings in energy costs for the wearer. The best part is, this lightweight material is not only durable and lightweight, it’s also a greener alternative to traditional rubber.

There are a lot of barefoot shoes on the market, but Groundies stands out thanks to their light weight and innovative TrueSense (r) technology. It’s a well engineered technology that produces a smooth, flexible sole with the best abrasion resistance of any modern barefoot shoe. Other cool features include a traction enhancing design and a low profile heel which makes it a great choice for women who wear high-heels on a regular basis. The company is also environmentally responsible by using recycled materials and promoting recycling programs for its customers. The site offers a wide selection of barefoot and minimalist shoes to suit your needs and budget.