BoboBox Benefits

BoboBox has become a favorite for travellers who want to enjoy their trip to the UK without having to sacrifice on quality and comfort. The facilities in the box are clean and disinfected, with a king-size bed and contactless staying experience. This accommodation is also expanding its range to more countries.

Contactless staying experience

Bobobox, a capsule hotel startup, has successfully introduced a contactless staying experience. With their product, guests can simply check in and out with their smartphone. They can also collect Bobopoints every time they stay with the company. This way, they can get discounts during their stays.

Bobobox has also launched a new accommodation product: Bobocabin. Bobocabin combines the elevated camping concept with IoT technology. These cabins are located in an open natural environment, supporting the comfort of the guests. The cabins are equipped with health protocols that support privacy and comfort. Each cabin can accommodate two adults and one child.

Bobobox has also strengthened its manufacturing and tech teams in order to strengthen the product. They are also working on expanding their branches across Southeast Asia, as well as enhancing the pod’s features. However, the company’s occupancy rate dropped to 50-60 percent in March, despite its continued success.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Bobobox has implemented several safety measures. Their staff are always wearing masks, and they also perform body temperature checks. Moreover, they disinfect each surface and facility daily. Also, they have hand sanitizer stations in public areas.

Thoroughly disinfected facilities

Despite the ills of a recent bout of bad luck, Bobobox remains a well-oiled machine, with eight buildings in three major cities housing over 500 pods to boot. The latest round of funding saw the company add four new locations to its illustrious roster. While a recent press release would have you believe otherwise, the startup is actually quite profitable. As a testament to this, they recently announced their plans to expand into Southeast Asia in the not too distant future. In terms of product enhancements, Bobobox is currently a lean and mean machine, with a streamlined product development strategy that is anchored by a dedicated R&D team.