Genki Forest Benefits

Genki Forest is a manufacturer of sugar-free tea and flavored seltzer water that serves as healthy alternatives to traditional sugary drinks. Its products are available in 40 nations worldwide, including the United States, Canada, Japan and Australia.

Genki Forest aims to be a global brand and focuses on delivering high-quality, nutritious products. To do so, it prioritizes data-driven and high-tech manufacturing.

1. Low Calorie

Genki Forest offers a range of sparkling water, sugar-free tea and flavored seltzer water that are low in calories and high in fiber. These products are perfect for consumers who want to consume a healthy drink without sacrificing taste.

Genki Forest was founded by Binsen Tang, a former gaming company founder who sold his company for about $400 million in 2014. The brand is run like a tech company and outperforms its competitors through data analytics, quick turnarounds and social-first marketing campaigns.

2. Low Sugar

Genki Forest prides itself on being a healthy company that uses erythritol as a sugar substitute. Erythritol has almost 0 calories and is considered a healthier alternative to other sugar replacements, such as aspartame and sucralose.

As a result, its sparkling water drinks are among the lowest in terms of calories and sugar per serving. These benefits have helped it win over the Chinese Generation Z and Millennials who are looking for healthier alternatives to mainstream soft drinks.

3. No Artificial Colours

Genki Forest products are free of artificial colours and fragrances. This is a big plus for consumers who are health conscious and want to stay away from artificial ingredients.

Back in 2015, a number of companies made commitments to remove synthetic food dyes from their products. However, none of them have met their deadlines and many still use bright colors that are derived from synthetic ingredients.

4. No Artificial Flavours

Genki Forest is one of the few soft drink brands that is free from artificial flavours and fragrances. Using natural ingredients such as erythritol, it replaces the usual high-calorie sweeteners like sucrose with a lower sugar alternative that is also tastier.

Founded in 2016, Genki Forest has become one of the fastest-growing Chinese soft drinks companies. Taking advantage of China’s vibrant digital social media marketing channels, it is quickly expanding into new consumer touchpoints.

5. No Preservatives

Genki Forest has a reputation for producing its sparkling water without using any preservatives. This has resulted in a significant reduction in production costs and increased capacity.

The company has also stepped up investment in R&D and production. This is likely to boost output by a minimum of three times in 2021 compared to 2020 levels.

6. No Artificial Sweeteners

Genki Forest has made a name for itself with its range of sugar-free and low-calorie beverages. Their products are made with erythrocytic sugar alcohol instead of aspartame or acesulfame, and are free from artificial preservatives.

They have also built their own R&D centers and production plants to enable them to develop offline channels. This is important for the beverage industry because it helps them to control their own costs and avoid costly mistakes.

7. No Artificial Colours

When it comes to a brand’s appearance, Japanese products are well-known for being neat and aesthetically pleasing. Genki Forest chose to adopt this strategy when launching its soft drinks in China.

It also focuses on digital marketing and social media. This enables it to connect with its target consumers through top KOLs and influencers.

8. No Artificial Flavours

Genki Forest uses erythritol as a sugar substitute and has positioned itself as a healthy beverage brand. Its “0 sugar, 0 calorie, 0 fat” flavored beverages have become a hit with younger consumers.

Genki Forest is a young company, but its high-quality content and large following on internet platforms like Xiaohongshu (RED) have helped it to quickly expand into the market. The firm has also partnered with key opinion leaders, or KOLs, and streamers to promote its beverages on social media.

9. No Artificial Sweeteners

China-based Genki Forest’s sugar-free sparkling water is a top-selling product. Its milk tea products are also gaining traction, with KOLs like Li Jiaqi (Li Jia Qi) and Weiya (Wei Ya) featuring them in their live streams.

However, state media has recently challenged the company’s ad slogan of “zero sugar, zero fat” for misleading customers. So, Genki Forest is now re-evaluating its strategies in the milk drinks market.

10. No Artificial Colours

Genki Forest has no artificial colours in its sparkling water, fruit tea, and energy drink products. This is a great advantage for its consumers who are health conscious and concerned about the presence of artificial colours in their diets.

Genki Forest mainly sells its products through chain convenience stores. This is a popular distribution channel in China and helps to establish brand recognition among customers.