How Flock Safety Benefits Poultry Owners

A healthy flock is one of the most important aspects of any farm or poultry business. A healthy flock is also one of the best ways to prevent disease, accidents, and predators.

Luckily, Flock Safety has an extensive list of benefits to protect your flock. These include:

Prevents Predators

Predators of poultry are a constant concern for poultry producers. They can be birds of prey, raccoons, foxes, coyotes, weasels and even neighborhood dogs and cats.

In most cases, chicken predators leave signs or clues to identify them. In the case of raccoons, these signs include droppings in areas where they feed, and the presence of dead birds in a poultry house.

Another predator that may kill birds in a poultry house is the mink or weasel. The signs of these predators are usually tiny teeth marks on the neck or head of the dead birds, and sometimes a small number of eggs that have been eaten.

Keeping your flock safe from predators can be as simple as providing natural cover, such as trees and bushes in the run or enclosure, or as complex as having a fence with motion-activated lights to deter predators. In addition, providing chickens with shelter and hiding places to roost will help prevent them from becoming prey when they are out in the field.

Prevents Injuries

The pecking order system within a flock is a normal occurrence that enables chickens to establish dominance. However, pecking can lead to injuries and other negative behaviors that could have serious implications for the flock as a whole.

If an injured bird is found, it should be removed from the flock to heal and recover before returning. It’s also important to ensure that any wound is clean, free of debris and no blood is visible.

It’s also crucial to treat any injuries with the same care as human wounds. Apply pressure to the wound and wrap it with gauze until it stops bleeding.

Cannibalism is a behavior that can cause significant damage and losses to the flock. The best way to prevent cannibalism is by ensuring that any injured birds are quickly and safely removed from the flock. This will give the bird a chance to heal and re-join the flock without any negative behavior.

Prevents Disease

As a poultry owner, you know how important it is to keep your birds healthy. Poultry diseases can be devastating to your flock and cause significant losses to your operation.

The key to preventing disease is biosecurity, a set of practices used to keep germs away from the animals and their environment. These practices include proper vaccination (when appropriate), disinfection, and sanitation.

One of the most common poultry diseases is coccidiosis, which is caused by Eimeria parasites that damage gut walls. The disease is very contagious and affects young chickens.

Infected chickens may show signs of loose droppings, diarrhea, weight loss and ruffled feathers. Treatment involves using medicated chick feed.

HPAI is another serious poultry disease that can be spread between commercial flocks and backyard flocks. The disease is very contagious and can cause 95-100 percent of infected birds to die.

Prevents Accidents

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