The Pieter Pot Benefits For Grocery Stores

The Pieter pot is a reusable bulk packaging container that can be a huge help in your business. It can save you time and money when you are preparing your orders and will make you more efficient. You can also take advantage of Government subsidies when using this container.


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Circular packaging

Pieter Pot is the first company to offer a full-circle circular packaging system. Its innovative jars are filled with food and non-food products and are returned to be refilled. The jars are a greener and more efficient way to deliver groceries, thereby lowering the carbon footprint of consumers.

Pieter Pot recently announced a partnership with Kraft Heinz, and is looking to expand into Scandinavia and Germany in 2022. With a little help from the likes of ETF Partners and Simon Murphy, it is on track to make a splash in a highly crowded online grocery delivery market.

One of the company’s main aims is to reduce the plastic waste associated with online grocery delivery. In just over a year, Pieter Pot has saved 121,318 single-use containers.

Reusable bulk packaging

Pieter Pot, a zero-waste grocery store in Rotterdam, Netherlands, uses reusable bulk packaging to deliver its groceries. The company offers 250 non-perishable products, primarily white-label items. Its most popular items include peanut butter, olive oil, and chocolate sprinkles.

Pieter Pot’s founders, Jouri Schoemaker and Martijn Bijmolt, are motivated by their desire to reduce the impact of their actions on the environment. They saw the need for a more sustainable solution, so they created a company that delivers goods directly to consumers. Using reusable bulk packaging and a system that allows for return of unwanted packaging, Pieter Pot offers consumers a convenient option.

Pieter Pot’s website provides suggestions for alternative products and makes it easy for consumers to order online. Customers can select a delivery date and add themselves to a waiting list. When the order is ready, they will receive the items through the Dutch post PostNL’s special food delivery service.

Quick order flow

Pieter Pot is the first packaging free supermarket in the Netherlands. It also happens to be the first to get you your groceries in glass jars. The company is currently on a roll and is about to take on the rest of the big three. To help with the logistics, Pieter Pot has tapped the services of Newcorp Logistics. Not to mention the aforementioned e-fulfillment. With a little planning, you can be well on your way to your own slice of the pie in no time at all. So, which features have you put on your list for your next grocery delivery? Let’s find out.

For the winking buffoons among us, you’ll be happy to know that Pieter Pot offers you a gander at their wares. Aside from their signature glass jars, Pieter Pot specializes in a variety of eco-friendly grocery deliveries. Some of the more upscale offerings include organic food, vegan options and gluten-free goodies.

Government subsidies

Pieter Pot is a startup in the Netherlands that offers zero-waste grocery delivery. It uses reusable jars to deliver food and non-food items to customers. They’re available to order online and are delivered through a special Dutch post service. Once the customer has received their goods, they return the jars to be cleaned and refilled.

Pieter Pot claims to have reduced its packaging waste by more than one million single use packages a month. With more consumers becoming aware of their impact on the environment, brands are responding. Some A-brands, such as Ecover, Heinz, and Haribo, are now available in Pieter Pot jars.

Pieter Pot is working to scale its business and reduce its carbon footprint. Their goal is to save 100 million pieces of plastic by 2024.