Volta Trucks Benefits For Your Business

Purchasing a volta truck from a reputable trucking company can help to increase your business’s productivity, while reducing costs. The benefits of owning a volta truck include a low seating position, high visibility, optimized load-carrying capacity, and the ability to reduce CO2 emissions. Choosing a volta truck can ensure that your business can efficiently move freight around the country and world.

Optimising load-carrying capacity

Optimising load-carrying capacity of Volta trucks is one of the company’s priorities. This involves the use of Life-Cycle Analysis to identify development opportunities for future variants of the Volta Zero.

Currently, the Volta Zero has a maximum payload of 8600 kg (19000 lbs), an overall volume of 37.7 m3 (1330 ft3), and a top speed of 130 km/h (80 mph). The body is made of a composite material that is flexible and has no sharp edges. It also has the same safety performance as conventional steel.

The interior of the Volta Zero is very contemporary, with an intuitive user interface, a natural pallet of materials, and touch screens for climate control and navigation. It also features a central display that enables easy visual communication. There are also minimal blind spots, allowing for a 220-degree driver eye line.

Reducing CO2 emissions

Founded by Carl-Magnus Norden and Kjell Waloen in 2017, Volta Trucks aims to build sustainable vehicles and help decarbonise last mile logistics. Its first vehicle, the Volta Zero, is a 16-tonne, fully-electric truck designed for inner city freight delivery. This vehicle is also one of the world’s safest large trucks.

The company’s goal is to reduce CO2 emissions from cities, while making city-center environments safer for everyone. The company’s first customer-specific vehicle will be delivered in 2022. The company’s order book now exceeds $260 million.

The most important aspect of Volta’s mission is the safety of its drivers. Unlike conventional trucks, the Volta’s low cab seating position and sliding doors allow the driver to step out safely on pavement and into traffic. This allows the driver to see passing cyclists without causing injury to the cyclists.

Low-seat central driving position

Among the many new features of Volta Trucks’ Volta Zero, the low-seat central driving position has been highlighted. This innovative cab allows the driver to enjoy a panoramic 220-degree view of the road around them. The cab is designed to keep the driver’s blind spots to a minimum, ensuring that they can easily see the surrounding pedestrians and cyclists.

The Volta Trucks’ Volta-Zero is built to be the safest commercial vehicle on the market. This is achieved through its cab’s glasshouse-style design, which provides a wide 220-degree field of vision. The cab’s design also reduces the driver’s seat height, which is lower than in a conventional truck. This also allows the driver to exit the vehicle from either side. The cab’s central driving position helps to reduce the likelihood of rear collisions.

Glasshouse-style cab with 220-degrees of visibility

Among the many innovations coming to market from Volta Trucks is a glasshouse-style cab that offers two-way visibility. In addition to providing drivers with an up-close view of their surroundings, the cab also boasts a high degree of driver communication and collaboration.

Aside from the glasshouse cab, Volta Trucks will also be producing a variety of other vehicles. As well as electric Class 5 and 6 trucks, the company is also working on a range of 7.5 tonne variants. It will also be developing its own hubs for the servicing and maintenance of its vehicles. It is also planning to expand its sales footprint into other European countries. It has already secured orders for its aforementioned EV and intends to boost production to 5,000 vehicles per year by the time the first batch of customer cars rolls off the production line.

Hub and spoke delivery philosophy

Using the hub and spoke delivery philosophy of Volta trucks, customers will enjoy faster delivery time and lessened logistics costs. This is a new and efficient method of transportation that can reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Unlike the traditional point-to-point model, a hub and spoke distribution model uses a centralized warehouse to receive a large number of LTL shipments. These packages can then be delivered to multiple locations, ensuring full cargo loads.

Hub and spoke distribution centers are strategically placed within cities to connect several delivery locations. This type of system also helps to speed up last-mile deliveries.

The hub and spoke model can be used for different industries, including agriculture, pharmaceutical, and food distribution. It is especially useful for LTL shippers. A hub and spoke distribution center allows for faster delivery, fewer warehouses, and lower logistical costs.